Wireless Charging in Sensor Networks

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Dear colleagues,

Wireless-rechargeable sensor networks are an emerging technology which merges sensing, transmission, and computation capacities and which is expected to lengthen the life of conventional wireless sensor networks (WSNs). As is already known, batteries are ordinarily used as power sensor nodes in common WSNs. As a consequence, WSNs can only operate for a limited time related to battery capacities. When sensors consume their energy, the network can become fragmented, and the information from some parts of the monitored area can no longer be obtained. As wireless and portable mobile devices are becoming pervasive, battery recharge has become a crucial problem. Conventional battery charging approaches are ruled by wired technology, which demands a wired power plug to be attached to an electrical wall outlet. There have been many research efforts to prolong network lifetime. However, despite these exhaustive attempts, the lifetime of a WSN still represents a performance bottleneck and is reasonably a fundamental requirement to be addressed for a functional wide-scale deployment.

Different from typical battery-powered sensor nodes, the devices in wireless-rechargeable sensor networks employ wireless energy transfer methods and can be supplied by chargers to decrease disposable battery usage and prolong the operational life of each sensor node. Wireless charging could allow fast, predictable, and controllable energy replenishment and lengthens the network lifetime.

This Special Issue solicits the submission of high-quality unpublished papers that aim to solve open technical problems and challenges typical of wireless-rechargeable sensor networks. The main aim is to integrate novel approaches efficiently, focusing on the performance evaluation and comparison with existing solutions. Both theoretical and experimental studies for typical wireless-rechargeable sensor networks scenarios are encouraged. Furthermore, high-quality review and survey papers are also welcomed.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Architecture for wireless-rechargeable sensor networks
Algorithms for wireless recharging
Techniques for wireless energy transfer
Solutions for wireless energy harvesting
Green communications in WSNs
Energy efficiency in WSNs
Energy management systems for in WSNs
Innovative applications and services for wireless-rechargeable sensor networks

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Pau
Dr. Fabio Arena
Guest Editors

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