Virtual Smart Pattern Recognition for Medical Informatics (ACRONYM: SPRMI )

in Special Issue   Posted on June 21, 2019 

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Submission Deadline: Fri 31 May 2019
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Journal Name : Pattern Recognition Letters
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It is well known fact that medical informatics has grown rapidly in the last one or two decades. As we progress newer medical informatics systems are being developed and put into use for providing better health care to the society. Pattern Recognition is key aspect for the success of any medical informatics system. The current and future trends are in developing smart pattern recognition systems which can learn, adapt and auto update for the next generation medical signal and image processing. This includes in developing smart pattern recognition algorithms which can update itself even after it is installed on site staying linked with various systems and databases across the world.

The topics include (but not limited to)

  1. Advanced Artificial Intelligence methods for medical signal processing
  2. Smart Classification Algorithms for medical diseases
  3. Self-Adapting systems for health informatics decision systems – Patient Care
  4. Real time signal processing for smart medical informatics
  5. Deep convergence and self-organizing smart systems for Pattern Recognition in Medical Data
  6. Smart Data mining for Medical Big Data
  7. Smart Pattern Recognition systems for Clinical biomedical signals


Dr. Enas Abdulhay, Biomedical Engineering Department, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan.,

Short Bio: Dr. Enas Abdulhay has completed her PhD in the field of Biomedical Engineering from Joseph Fourier University, France in 2009. Since then she is working as a faculty in Department of Biomedical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan. She is active in research and published several papers in top level biomedical engineering journals including Pattern Recognition Letters. She has also been as an Acting Chair Person for the biomedical engineering department in her University during the academic year 2013-2014. Presently she is guiding research and contributing to research by organizing various special issues in International journals.



Submission period: January 1st to Jan 31st 2019

First Review Notification: April 1, 2019

Revision Submission: May 31, 2019

Second Review Notification: July 1, 2019

Final Notification to Authors: August 31, 2019

Online Publication: September 2019


The VSI is expected to include about 12-15 papers. Since VSI papers are published in regular issues, the maximal length of any VSI paper is 7 pages in the PRLetters layout, as it is for regular articles. The maximal length of a VSI paper can become 8 pages in the revised version if referees explicitly request significant additions. Of course, papers submitted to the SI should be original and technically sound. If some papers are extended versions of conference papers, the PRLetters submission should include at least 30% new contribution (more experiments, proofs of theorems not included in the conference paper, more comparisons with other methods in the literature and so on); of course the title of the PRLetters paper should be different, the same Figures cannot be used and the common part of the conference paper and of the extended versions cannot be verbatim the same.


Guest editors will make an initial determination of the suitability and scope of all submissions. The review process will be done by following the standard review process of Pattern Recognition Letters. Papers will be assigned to reviewers as they are uploaded without waiting until the submission deadline. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two experts in the field. In general, only two reviewing rounds will be possible, out of which major revision is possible only for the first round. Papers that after the 2nd reviewing round still need major revision will be rejected.


Prospective authors are invited to upload their manuscripts during the submissions period. Papers should be prepared by adhering to the PRLetters guidelines by taking into account that VSI papers follow the same submission rules as regular articles. When uploading their papers through the online system, Authors should select the acronym assigned to the VSI as article type: “SPRMI”. Submitted papers should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. If the submissions are extended works of previously published papers, the original works should be included in the References and a description of the changes that have been made should be provided. Guest editors will make an initial determination of the suitability and scope of all submissions.

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