Virtual And Augmented Reality For Enhanced Experience In Education And Learning

in Special Issue   Posted on August 16, 2017 

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The following thus are a few indicative topics:
Self-driven or team-driven customized content / Learning experiences in VR/AR for Education
Community driven content in AR/VR learning environments
3-tier approach VR Content enriched with Social Media community contributions
Integrated component for VR content Authoring and multiformat delivery
Group-based / Team Based VR learning stories authoring approaches
Game based production of VR Learning content
Matching different AR/VR context to learners’ profiles
Automatic enhancement of learning experience with AR/VR objects
Scalable delivery of learning value and complexity through diverse AR/VR techniques
Integration of learning labs with other applications and open architectures e.g. Cultural
Archives, Social Networks, Public Profiles etc
Design of Distributed Shared AR/VR learning contents for remote use and for distant use.
Exemplary applications for Haptic Integration and Kinesthetic in VR/AR educational spaces
Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Objectives and Pool of related VR/AR interactions
Skills building and competencies building wizards for VR/AR learning experiences
Tools for promoting Excitement / Motivation for use
Smartphone application and client-side interface for using augmented reality services

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