Topological Image Analysis and Recognition (TIAR)

in Special Issue   Posted on June 21, 2019 

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Submission Deadline: Tue 30 Jul 2019
Journal Impact Factor : 3.255
Journal Name : Pattern Recognition Letters
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Special Issue Call for Papers:


· Topological features and invariants and their computation for digital images.

· Representation and compression of nD images based on topology

· Hierarchical approaches for images based on topology

· Image segmentation under topological constraints

· Parallel processing based on topology in n-dimensional image context

· Parallel topology computation in parallel in n-dimensional image context.

· Topological optimization for digital images

· Topological algorithms for image processing

· Topological transforms for digital images

· Topological recognition of digital images

· Experimental evaluation of heuristics based on topology in image processing

· Topological methods for visualization of nD digital images.

· Applications of computational topology in biomedical imagery.

· Applications of computational topology in image robotics and machine learning.

· Use of topological information in image engineering applications.



First submission paper due: April 30, 2019

First review notification: June 15, 2019

Revision submission: July 30, 2019

Second review notification: October 15, 2019

Final notice of acceptance/rejection: November 30, 2019



Paper submissions must conform to the Pattern Recognition Letters format guidelines

Manuscripts can have no more than 7 pages (plus one page after revision) and must be submitted to the online submission system. When submitting their papers through the online system, authors must select the acronym ”VSI:TIAR” as the article type.

The proposed virtual special issue will consider extended and updated versions of papers published at the CTIC 2019 conference as well as submissions from anybody proposing new, unpublished, original methods in the field of topological image analysis and recognition.

If the submission is an extended work of a previously published paper, the original work should be included as a reference and a description of the significant changes that have been made should be provided.

Guest editors will make an initial determination of the suitability and scope of all submissions.



For inquiries regarding the special issue, send an email to the managing guest editor at:



Dr. A. Hepzibah Christinal, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India


Mathematics Division, Department of Science and Humanities.

Dr. Fernando Díaz-del-Río – University of Seville, Spain


Department of Computer Architecture at ETS. Ingeniería Informática

Dra. Rebeca Marfil – University of Malaga, Spain


ETSI Telecomunicación.

Dr. Helena Molina Abril – University of Sevilla, Spain

Department of Applied Mathematics I at ETS. Ingeniería Informática.

Dr. Darian Onchis Moaca – West University of Timisoara, Romania


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Dr. Pedro Real – University of Seville, Spain (MANAGER GUEST EDITOR)

Department of Applied Mathematics I at ETS. Ingeniería Informática.

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