The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Manufacturing

in Special Issue   Posted on June 27, 2019 

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Submission Deadline: Thu 15 Aug 2019
Journal Impact Factor : 2.861
Journal Name : International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
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The 2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing that was held in Dublin, Ireland aimed at offering a platform for researchers and practitioners from artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing as well as from various application areas to discuss problems and solutions in artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing, to identify new issues and to shape directions for future research.

In addition to excellent papers recommended by the conference, this special issue also encourage submissions that cover the following topics, but are not limited to:

Extension to the theories of artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing
Innovative applications of artificial intelligence to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry
The use of artificial intelligence to promote the development of manufacturing
Application of artificial intelligence in transportation, energy and bioengineering, etc.
Neural networks and applications
Intelligent information system
Machine learning
Sustainable manufacturing
3D Printing and applications
Internet + manufacturing