Special Issue on Co-operation and Joint Design of Communications and Radar Systems in a Crowded Spectrum

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Submission Deadline: Fri 05 Jan 2018
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Journal Name : Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal
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Special Issue Call for Papers:

In recent years, the demand for wireless connectivity has skyrocketed, leading to explosive growth in industrial wireless communications. The increasing need for fast and reliable wireless connections necessitates efficient utilization of the limited radio frequency (RF) spectrum resources. Due to the accelerating demand of the commercial wireless communications industry and other RF applications, the RF spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded. Over the last decade, new concepts with the potential to contribute towards significant improvements in the efficiency of radio spectrum utilization and protection of passive sensing services have been introduced. This led to the development of several co-existence solutions based on simultaneous operations of wireless services and other RF applications within the same frequency band.

Recently, the emerging concept of RF spectrum cohabitation based on allowing communication systems and other RF applications to share their resources has attracted significant interest from researchers and practitioners. For example, competition over bandwidth between radar and communications can be directly alleviated if the two systems are allowed to share their resources and/or be deployed on a single platform. This can be achieved via jointly designing the radar and communication systems. The waveforms can be hosted on the same platform and used independently or utilized jointly and hosted in the same platform. Co-design and simultaneous operation can also be achieved for communications systems as well as other wireless applications such as radio telescope, radio telemetry, wireless power transfer, internet of things, and military radios.

The main thrust of this special issue is the co-existence between wireless communications and other users of the RF spectrum. Cognitive radio, in which multiple wireless communications users are able to share the same bandwidth, is outside the scope of this issue.

Key areas of interest, but are not limited to:

  • Signal Processing algorithms for dual-function radar communication systems
  • Receiver design and hardware for dual- and multi-function RF systems
  • Spectral aggregations for aeronautical mobile telemetry services
  • Co-existence strategies for wireless communications and radio telescopes
  • Joint MIMO radar communications systems
  • Efficient signalling strategies for dual-functionality systems
  • Joint waveform design for communications and radar
  • Array design and sparse array configurations for dual purpose systems
  • Effective interference cancellation schemes in shared spectrum paradigms
  • Performance analysis, statistical bounds, and tradeoffs in dual-systems
  • Broader implications of joint design and simultaneous RF operations

Important Dates:

Full paper submission due: 5th January 2018

Notification of First Round of Review: 13th April 2018

Revised manuscript due: 25th May 2018

Guest Editors:

Elias Aboutanios, University of New South Wales, Australia


Moeness G. Amin, Villanova University, USA


Giuseppe A. Fabrizio, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia


Aboulnasr Hassanien, Wright State University, USA


Ric A. Romero, Naval Postgraduate School, USA


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