Special Computers & Graphics Section of the SIBGRAPI 2019 – Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images

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Submission Deadline: Mon 15 Apr 2019
Journal Impact Factor : 1.176
Journal Name : Computers and Graphics
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Website for the Special Issue: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/computers-and-graphics/call-for-papers/special-computers-graphics-section-of-the-sibgrapi-2019
Journal & Submission Website: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/computers-and-graphics

Special Issue Call for Papers:

SIBGRAPI 2019 – Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images – is the 32nd edition of this conference annually promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) through its special interest group on Graphics and Image Processing (CEGRAPI). The conference started in 1988 as a small symposium and has grown in importance each year.

This year, SIBGRAPI has an alternative track for paper submission to a special section of the Elsevier Computers & Graphics Journal, with its own set of deadlines. We invite technical paper contributions to this SIBGRAPI 2019 C&G Journal Track for papers related to research and applications of computer graphics techniques. All papers accepted in this track are scheduled for oral presentation at the event.


Submission deadline: April 15th, 2019

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