Smart Grid Analytics for Sustainability and Urbanization in Big Data

in Special Issue   Posted on February 26, 2021 

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Dear Colleagues,

IoT devices are found in various parts of the smart grid, such as smart appliances, smart meters, and substations. These IoT devices generate petabytes of data, which are known to be one of the most scalable properties of a smart grid. Without smart grid analytics, it is difficult to make efficient use of data and to make sustainable decisions related to smart grid operations. With the energy system of the developing world heading towards smart grids, there needs to be a forum for analytics that can collect and interpret data from multiple endpoints. Data analytics platforms can analyze data to produce invaluable results that lead to many advantages, such as operational efficiency and cost savings. However, the state-of-the-art approaches developed to achieve the above-mentioned advantages, sustainable operations of the smart grid, and the urbanization of big data are still immature. Most of these approaches have a high computational cost, as they employ conventional tools for data analytics. To overcome this challenge, novel and elegant approaches are required to cope with the big data produced from smart devices in the smart grid environment. In this context, this Special Issue aims to publish novel research work and visionary reviews on advanced smart grid analytics technologies, algorithms, case studies, and their associated applications in the smart grid, power grid modernization, and smart energy trading systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Smart grid analytics for urbanization in big data
Smart grid analytics for energy system planning
Smart grid analytics for sustainable operations and control
Smart grid analytics for emerging applications such as Vehicle to Grid (V2G)
Smart grid analytics for renewable energy power prediction and integration
Smart grid analytics for demand side management, load forecasting, and customer behavior analytics
Smart grid analytics for electricity theft detection
Smart grid analytics for power system resilience
Real-time data visualization in sustainable smart grids
Data collection, fusion, and management for smart metering infrastructure
Data processing, storage, and information management for sustainable smart grid operations
Data privacy and security for smart grid data and relevant applications
Data-driven-based modeling and solutions for smart grid and smart energy systems
Data-driven-based pricing and incentive schemes and protocols
Data analysis for integration of electric vehicles, their charging stations, and Intelligent Transportation Systems with power grids
Cloud computing, edge mining, and blockchain for sustainable smart grid and smart cities
This Special Issue solicits original work on “Big Data Analytics for Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems”. All submitted articles must be written in excellent English, and must contain only original works that have not been published and are not currently being reviewed by any other journals or conferences.

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