Sensors, Real-Time Applications and Data Fusion in Smart City, Building and Construction

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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Smart technologies comprise a variety of software and hardware, including sensors, monitors, interfaces, online appliances, and devices networked together to enable full automation at different levels of organisations, projects, and cities.

Recent Advances in the following will be considered:

New trends in smart buildings and homes
Sensor networks and smart computing
Lidar remote sensing
3D point clouds for intelligent cities and transportation systems
Low-cost sensors in construction
Intelligent sensors for smart building and city with AI, IoT, and big data
Robot and sensor networks for environmental monitoring
Advanced machine learning and deep networks for processing, modelling, and classification
IoT-enabled smart construction and transportation
Sensors and sensing technologies for indoor and outdoor positioning and navigation
Smart cloud computing technologies and applications in the built environment
Robotic sensing for smart cities, transportation, and construction
Sensor fusion and visualization in IoT applications for cities and construction
Text mining and NLP in construction
Blockchain and building supply chain management
Automated point clouds and images processing, and scan-to-BIM applications
Sensors, 3D printing, and robot control
Radio frequency-based real-time location systems (RTLS)
Smart built environment (city, building, transportation, and construction).

Dr. Sara Shirowzhan
Dr. Botao Zhong
Dr. Samad M. E. Sepasgozar
Guest Editors

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