Sensors in Electronic Measurement Systems

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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Dear Colleagues,

The development of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) caused a massive increase in the measurement capabilities of commercial instruments. This initially led to digital readouts and later on, together with the development of the microprocessors and microcontrollers, to added functionalities and the implementation of complex digital processing techniques where algorithms are executed in the instruments.

The combination of the ADC and the increasing processing capabilities drove the development and implementation of embedded measurement systems that are the backbone of our modern way of life.

The other major development that is the cornerstone of our day-to-day devices is the evolution of sensors to be used to measure every physical phenomenon that surrounds us.

The objective of this Special Issue is to publish recent research results related to the use of sensors in electronic measurement systems. Authors are invited to submit their research results where the topics include but are not limited to:

Metrology and measurement science of sensors
Distributed measurement systems
Cyber-physical systems and IOT
Multi-sensor fusion
Smart sensors
Power and energy measurements
Sensors in robotics
Sensors for nondestructive testing
Impedance spectroscopy
SoC and SoH of batteries

Dr. Pedro M. Ramos
Prof. Dr. Olfa Kanoun
Prof. Dr. Pasquale Arpaia
Guest Editors

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