Sensors for Robotic Applications

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Dear Colleagues,

Today, robots not only work in structured, well-known environments to perform repetitive tasks precisely and accurately; they also need to know information about themselves through the use of proprioceptive sensors on which the control feedbacks close.

The digital transformation of industry allows the continuous adjustment and reaction to unforeseen disturbing events of production systems through digital twin and similar technologies, and requires the intelligent sensorization of robots and resources for remote monitoring.

Today, robots are increasingly playing a role in our daily life and in civil society. They are called upon to do housework, to help and extend the social life of the elderly and the weak, to protect the environment, to keep worrying climatic events under control, and to help workers and people in a variety of tasks.

In new industrial and service applications, robots have to become familiar with and interact with the environments in which they operate and cooperate.

Robots are sometimes required to carry out, remotely supervised or autonomously, typical human tasks in extreme environments that are hostile and dangerous. Therefore, they must be endowed with the inspection, measuring, and testing capabilities typical of that task.

These applications require the heavy use of exteroceptive sensors and perceptive skills to recognize the environment and guide interaction activities, safeguarding the sustainability of the environment and human health.

The aim of this Special Issue is to collect experimental and theoretical papers covering different aspects and modalities of sensing applications in the wide industrial and service robotics domain.

Prof. Dr. Rezia Molfino
Dr. Francesco Cepolina

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