Sensors for Digital Construction

in Special Issue   Posted on April 29, 2021 

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Dear Colleagues,

Detailed insights into the ongoing processes of construction projects are a prerequisite for an efficient management of time, costs, and resources. However, providing relevant information requires the analysis of vast amounts of data. A consistent digitization throughout all phases of a project facilitates a proper aggregation of these data, as well as an automated evaluation. While digital building models already support decision making during project planning, other domains are only sparsely digitized.

The use of sensors helps to advance digitization in construction through the automated collection of time-dependent data. It allows for a continuous localization of resources and materials as well as the monitoring of construction machines and their states. This enables a digital monitoring of construction projects through their entire life cycle and supports the management in optimizing workflows, scheduling maintenance, improving safety, and so on.

This Special Issue focuses on the application of sensors in construction-related domains and the processing of the collected data. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

Digital twin
Internet of Things

Prof. Dr. Markus König
Guest Editor

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