Sensors and AI for Movement Analysis

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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Movement analysis is currently one of the more attractive research fields and covers several applications from clinics to sports, as well as robotics and industry. In recent decades, the introduction of sensor-based systems to quantitatively perform movement analyses represented a breaking point among researchers, allowing them to overcome the limitations associated with the previous subjective methodologies. The most widespread sensors are optoelectronic systems, force platforms, inertial sensors, physiological sensors, probes for electromyography, and others, which permit one to fully understand the mechanism related to different motor tasks. In recent years, artificial intelligence has been introduced in movement analysis as a further tool to provide useful information with an automatic approach, also thanks to the increasing availability of large open datasets obtained through quantitative human motion analysis. It is clear that constant technological improvements have led to an ever-increasing number of possible innovative studies in this field.

Thus, this Special Issue aims to promote innovative studies based on the application of sensors and AI for movement analysis in several fields, such as clinics, sports, robotics, and industry; the implementation of innovative methodologies for data analysis; the design of innovative sensors; and the publication of open databases for motion analysis.

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