Sensor Solutions towards Climate-Resilient and Sustainable Cities

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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As our world is covered by uncertainties where social, economic, and environmental recessions can occur at any point in time, emerging and geospatial technologies can offer appropriate solutions to minimize risks, prevent damage, and mitigate consequences. Since sustainability and resiliency are exchangeable terms, our cities must adapt to several issues such as climate change, increasing population, maintenance and state of infrastructure, competitiveness as a city, quality of life for residents, and general offerings to visitors and investors. The main challenge is to design intelligent cities under the framework of resilience and sustainability in order to use online knowledge from sensors data streams to providing a much greater level of detail regarding how city systems work and interact and, thus, provide the appropriate ingredients for low-latency decisions.

This Special Issue will examine the state-of-the-art applications and future directions in sensor technology and applications focusing in climate resiliency, sustainability, and well-being scenarios. In addition, it will combine innovative paradigms and technologies, development applications, empirical studies, and future trends in the multidisciplinary field of smart sensing. In situ networks and sensors, unmanned aerial systems, models, and citizen observatories are expected as the main components of submitted contributions. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

– Sensors to increase the resilience of new buildings—cultural monuments and the protection of existing monuments

– Air quality and sound pollution sensing

– Community-based sensing

– Low-cost infrastructure for city sensors

– Energy harvesting and efficiency for sensor solutions

– Real-time analytics of heterogeneous spatiotemporal data for the prediction and detection of unusual patterns

– Early warning systems for natural and anthropogenic disasters

– Urban mobility data management and visualization

– Sensing for well-being applications

– Design tools for determining optimal locations of sensors for urban resilience

– Case studies of successful deployment of sensing solutions for smart and resilient cities

– Ethical issues, security, and privacy in city sensor systems and applications

Prof. Dr. Maria Tsakiri
Dr. George Hloupis
Guest Editors

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