Sensor Networks and Internet of Things for Intelligent Infrastructures in Transport and Energy Systems

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Dear Colleagues,

More and more complex infrastructures use the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to make them intelligent and resilient to environmental changes. These are able to better serve human beings and other entities, but building and operating such intelligent infrastructures requires strong sensing and communication networks. Specially, a large number of low-cost sensors or IoT devices need to be deployed in the environment to sense or observe the objects and events, such that accurate and reliable environment information can be sufficiently obtained and then fed back to intelligent agents and human decision makers. The involved sensing, communication, data processing, and security management pose a deluge of theoretically significant and practically meaningful challenges to researchers in related fields.

The goal of this Special Issue is to present original contributions reporting the latest advances in WSNs and IoT for Intelligent Infrastructure in Energy and Transport sectors and their framework, deployment, scheduling, optimization, and security management. This Special Issue aims to foster the dissemination of high-quality research in terms of theory and practice related to WSNs and IoT for Intelligent Infrastructure. Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Deployment and scheduling of WSNs and IoT for energy and transport sectors;
Middleware and novel network protocols for WSNs and IoT;
Security management for WSNs and IoT for energy systems;
Blockchain and IoT for energy systems;

Data management, big data processing and analytics in WSNs and IoT for intelligent infrastructures;
Integration of IoT and cloud/edge computing;
Applications of WSNs and IoT to highways, rail and train networks, subways, bridges, traffic control, smart grid, smart building, smart campus, smart community, smart village, and smart city.

Prof. Dr. Zofia Lukszo
Prof. Dr. MengChu Zhou
Dr. Xiaojian Zhu
Guest Editors

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