Security and Privacy Research in Brazil

in Special Issue   Posted on August 17, 2017 

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Journal Name : IEEE Security and Privacy
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Articles due to ScholarOne: 1 March 2018
Publication date: November/December 2018
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The goal of this special issue is to showcase cutting-edge security and privacy research being conducted by the Brazilian community, with topics unique to Brazil. Brazil’s cybersecurity capabilities are growing, and a recent joint program between the US’s National Science Foundation (NSF) and Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (MCTI) program has increased focus on opportunities for international collaboration (

Examples of issues that are unique to Brazil include: relationships of privacy laws, perceptions, and preferences in Brazil versus other countries; case studies of cybersecurity in Brazilian networks and critical infrastructure; legal aspects of cybersecurity in Brazil; similarities and differences in cybersecurity innovation characteristics in Brazil versus other countries; cyberattacks specific to Brazil (for instance, Boletos); and security and privacy problems that are of particular national importance or unique expertise that is specific to Brazil’s culture, education system, location, history, and so on.

Considering this focus on unique Brazilian cybersecurity issues, topics for the special issue may include, but are not limited to:

Malware analysis and detection
Network security
Hardware security
Internet of Things
Privacy and perceptions
Usable security and human factors in cybersecurity
Interdisciplinary security
Machine learning and security
Electronic voting security
Banking security
OS security
Virtualization for security
Big data for security
Cyber-physical systems security
Cloud security
Case studies
Access control
Case studies
Denial-of-service protection
Enterprise security management
Identity management
Incident response planning
Insider threat protection
Intellectual property
Malware and intrusion detection
Mobile/wireless security
Multimedia security
Data security
Privilege management
Software security
Supply chain security
Trust management
Web security

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