Role of Computer Vision in Smart Cities

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Smart Cities initiatives are incorporated in order to implement and improve the quality of life of the people and the environment we live in. Smart cities need smart technologies to be adopted so that the technology rectifies the negative factors which impact the society caused by human and natural activities. Proper monitoring technologies are needed to predict and control activities like criminal offenses, inhuman activities, critical weather and climatic conditions and many more. The most important factors which are considered while building smart cities are security, safety, control and monitoring. These factors can be overcome with a properly implementing Internet of things.

Recent advances in sensor technologies have many features such as movement tracking, measuring, authentication and recognition. These various smart sensors when used in critical conditions in the areas of manufacturing, farming, healthcare, energy, transportation and infrastructure can be of utmost importance in improving the quality of general public. To overcome the security issues occurring at various places Computer Vision can be used which can make a massive impact in the betterment of the human lives. Computer Vision can be widely interlinked with wired and wireless networks, it can recognize faces as images, videos or real time streaming within a short span of time. By Computer Vision system the color, quality, gestures, shape, signs and movement can be sensed and recognized and the application can learn organize its own conclusions. Since, these data are collected in the real time scenario; the analyzed data can be used in immediate implementation.

Computer Vision can be used to determine traffic jam problems, sanitation issues, parking of vehicles, overcrowding, environmental changes, controlled access, theft identification and reduction, forensic investigations, secure transactions, disease detection and many more. Since, the role of Computer Vision process sets a new standard in eradication of the security and safety measures in smart cities. This special issue on the Role of Computer Vision for Smart Cities provides an excellent platform to exchange ideas, frameworks and technological approaches in developing, designing, implementing and operating within a specific environment inside the smart cities. This research on Computer Vision in Smart city can be used in identifying the various strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in deploying in smart environment. Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • IoT in the implementation of Safety and Security System in Smart Cities
  • Raspberry Pi assisted face recognition framework for smart cities
  • Internet of Things controlled facial-expression monitoring system
  • Secure integration of IoT and Image Recognition System
  • IoT empowered smart monitoring solutions
  • IoT based real time traffic control using facial recognition
  • Review on image segmentation techniques using IoT
  • Need of remote sensing models and methods for Computer Vision
  • Recent advances in techniques of Computer Vision
  • Intelligent face recognition and navigation system in Smart Cities
  • Secure integration of IoT with Computer Vision techniques.
  • A conceptual framework for IoT-based Computer Vision
  • Hardware Integration and Implementation for betterment of Computer Vision.

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