Reuse in Emerging Software Engineering Practices

  in Special Issue   Posted on December 22, 2020

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Journal Name : Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering
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Guest Editors

Lamia Labed Jilani, University of Tunis, Tunisia

Sihem Ben Sassi, University of Manouba, Tunisia


The last decade witnessed a revolution in software development by adopting new practices and approaches (such as agile methods), new architectures (cloud), new technologies (machine learning) where we observe the following trends:

  1. The emergence of large ecosystems of reusable, open-source components and service-oriented, containerized cloud-hosted applications
  2. The proliferation of context-aware (IoT) applications, which combine a complex and heterogeneous mix of ever more powerful hardware and evolving software frameworks and containers
  3. The resurgence of AI as both, (i) an enabling technology for reuse for domain engineering (e.g. domain ontologies, identification of reusable assets) and application engineering (e.g. component retrieval), and (ii) an object of reuse that addresses the full lifecycle and scope of “intelligent” software components, i.e. well beyond the simple (re)use of machine learning libraries.

This area was the focus of the recently held International Conference on Software and Systems Reuse 2020 (

The ISSE special issue ‘Reuse in Emerging Software Engineering Practices’ calls for scientific contributions, and practical or industrial experience reports in any of the following areas (indicatively):

1. Reuse organizational, managerial, economic, and legal issues, in general, and as they pertain to the new development landscape (wide-spread open-source libraries, IoT, AI):

  • Economic models of reuse
  • Benefit and risk analysis, scoping
  • Legal and managerial aspects of reuse
  • Reuse adoption and transition to software reuse
  • Lightweight reuse approaches
  • Reuse in agile projects

2. Technical aspects of reuse, including:

  • Domain analysis
  • Domain ontologies and models
  • Variability management and software product lines
  • Feature modelling reuse practices
  • Domain specific languages (DSLs)
  • New language abstractions for software reuse
  • Generative Development
  • Ontology and Model-Driven Development
  • Identification of reusable assets in legacy systems
  • COTS-based development and reuse of open source assets
  • Retrieval and recommendation of reusable assets
  • Reuse of non-code artifacts
  • Configuration and release management with COTS
  • Architecture-centric reuse approaches
  • Service-oriented architectures and microservices
  • Software composition and modularization

3. Software reuse in industry

  • Reuse success stories
  • Reuse failures, and lessons learned
  • Reuse obstacles and success factors
  • ROI studies

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Full paper submission deadline: 15 February 2021

First review notification: 15 May 2021

Revised paper submission deadline: 16 July 2021

Second review notification (if required): 30 August 2021

Final decision notification: 6 October 2021

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