Recent Progress in Wireless Sensor Networks, Robot Sensors, or Applied Electromagnetics Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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The fourth industrial revolution is based on big data, and IoT plays an important role in data collection. A lot of sensors are used for IoT technologies; the concept of the sensor includes a sensor networking, a sensor-based robot networking, and new antenna and radar architectures that are extended from the existing physical sensors. This means that it is essential to converge the new concepts of the sensors extending from areas of electrical engineering and computer science.

This Special Issue seeks papers on not only traditional mobile sensor technology, but also innovative sensor technology which measures the future development by converging several studies. For instance, we will introduce technologies in various fields for sensor mobility, robots as sensors, IoT communication protocols, intelligent software-defined networking, edge computing, security-cryptology of sensors, and sensor applied electromagnetics and provide opportunities to share new ideas with researchers around the world. Moreover, various new issues around computer science and electrical engineering, not limited to the above areas, will also be welcome.

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