Recent Advances in IoT as a Service

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 13, 2017

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As we are striding into the initial era of the Internet of Things (IoT), a key question is how we
make the most of IoT for all stakeholders, including platform providers, IoT application developers,
end-users, large and small organizations (such as city councils, enterprises) that wish to provide
better services, and manufacturers of smart devices. The amount of smart devices immersed in
everyday life, from manufacturing to clothing, is growing every day in terms of power, processing
and network connectivity. The sheer size and variety of contextual data that they produce, along
with the actions they can take on their environment, is enormous. It remains to be answered how all
this potential will come to bear; this special issue focuses on the discussion on the challenges posed
by these trends.
The “Everything as a Service” deployment paradigm will enable the easy adoption of IoT based
services and applications by end users, while forcing providers of smart objects and middleware
platforms to architect their solutions accordingly. To maximize impact and adoption, the barrier-to-
entry should be lowered by making development of new applications and the ingestion and
exposure of smart objects as easy as possible. Original submissions, not under any concurrent
reviews, are solicited in all areas related to advances on applications, methods and approaches
envisioning to address the new challenges in the IoT as a service.

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