Recent Advances in Immunosensors and Biosensors

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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Dear Colleagues,

The field of immunosensors and biosensors is experiencing a continuous expansion, starting with the new biological recognition molecules, such as aptamers, and continuing with novel methods for their immobilization and with the impressive diversification of the detection mode and transducer types.

This Special Issue is focused mainly on the latest immunosensor concepts with all kinds of sensing systems, such as screen printed electrodes, optical fibers, SPR platforms, semiconductors, quartz crystals, etc.

Immunosensors and biosensors with dual detection platforms (optical–electrochemical, SPR–electrochemical, chemiluminescence–electrochemical, etc.), as well as flow injection/microfluidics-based ones, are very much encouraged. New immunosensors and biosensors with emerging applications for heath, food processing and quality, industrial processes, and environment and pollution monitoring are also of great interest for analysts.

Dr. Mihaela Badea Doni
Dr. Ana-Maria Gurban

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