Real-Time Statistical Image and Video Processing for Remote Sensing and Surveillance Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on June 3, 2020 

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Submission Deadline: Fri 30 Apr 2021
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Journal Name : Journal of Real-Time Image Processing
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Guest Editors:

Mohammad Khosravi, Department of Computer Engineering, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran, Email: [email protected]

Pooya Tavallali, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of California, Merced, USA, Email: [email protected]

Alireza Jolfaei, Department of Computing, Macquarie University, North Ryde, Australia, Email: [email protected]


Nowadays, statistical methods are widely used in different aspects of real-time Remote Sensing (RS) in underwater, ground-based, aerial and satellite applications. Statistical approaches for efficient and high performance computing in remote sensing image and video processing for real-time monitoring and surveillance are now a hot topic of research. In this special issue, the aim is to cover new advances of real-time statistical image and video processing methods in which heuristic approaches and soft computing (e.g., nature/bio-inspired optimization, neural network (fully heuristic approaches), fuzzy logic and other aspects of non-statistical artificial intelligence) are not used.
Real-time applications of statistical image and video processing involve many different challenging problems including acoustic imaging, optical sensors and passive/active radar imaging. This special issue is aimed at providing new advances of real-time statistical image and video processing in applications such as infrared imaging, multi-and hyper-spectral imaging, SAR images and Video SAR, and spectral videos. We cordially invite researchers working in these areas to make a contribution to this special issue.


The topics of interest include:

  • Real-Time RS Image and Video Compression
  • Real-Time RS Image and Video Security
  • Real-Time RS Image and Video Communications with Data Hiding
  • Conceptualization of Real-Time RS Videos
  • Real-Time RS Image Super-resolution
  • Real-Time RS Applications of Detection and Estimation Theory
  • Real-Time RS Image Clustering and Classification
  • Real-Time Object Detection and Tracking in RS Videos
  • Combination of Statistics and Multi-resolution Transforms for Real-Time RS Image Processing
  • Real-Time Statistical Methods in RS Image and Video Coding
  • Real-Time Statistical RS Image Quality Assessment Techniques
  • Quality and Transmission Standards of RS Images and Videos for Real-Time Statistical Methods
  • Real-Time RS Image Reconstruction, Retrieval, and Restoration Based on Statistical Methods
  • Real-Time Sparse Representation and Compressed Sensing Methods for Videos
  • Real-Time Statistical RS Image Modelling and Data Sampling

Important Dates:

Submission of manuscript:                 April 30, 2021
First notification:                                August 15, 2021
Submission of revised manuscript:    October 15, 2021
Final notification:                                November 15, 2021
Online publication:                             Upon acceptance and proof check
Print publication:                                As per the journal publication schedule

Submission Guidelines:

Submitted papers should present original, unpublished work, relevant to one of the topics of this special issue. Note that there is a page limit of 12 pages (double column format).
All submitted papers will be evaluated on the basis of relevance, significance of contribution, technical quality, and quality of presentation, by at least three independent reviewers (the papers will be reviewed following standard peer-review procedures of the Journal).
Manuscripts are requested according to the Instructions for Authors available at
Prior to sending full paper submissions, it is highly recommended to query the appropriateness of submissions by sending a 100-200 words abstract to the guest editors.
The complete manuscript is to be submitted via the online submission system at

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