Real-Time Intelligent Image Processing in Internet of Things

in Special Issue   Posted on May 9, 2020 

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Guest Editors

Prof. Mu-Yen Chen (Lead Guest Editor), Department of Information Management, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, E-mail: [email protected] 
Dr. Edwin Lughofer, University of Linz, Austria, E-mail: [email protected]
Dr. Jose de Jesus Rubio, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico D.F., Mexico, E-mail: [email protected]
Dr. Hsin-Te Wu, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Ilan University, Taiwan, E-mail: [email protected]

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into so many applications. The  advancement in hardware processing speed together with deep learning and machine learning have allowed intelligent image processing to take place in real-time at the edge of the network. Many applications have deployed AI to perform intelligent image processing, such as handwriting recognition, image captioning, self-driving, etc. Additionally, AI has been increasingly used in Internet of Things (IoT), known as AIoT. For example, some applications include using intelligent image processing in a smart factory to monitor whether a machine is out of function or control the raw material inventory; discovering abnormalities in medical images; or monitoring license plates and helping to locate stolen cars or criminals. These AIoT intelligent image processing applications can improve the quality of life and accelerate business competitiveness. The thrust of this special issue is on the real-time aspects of AIoT intelligent image processing.

The main topics related to this special issue include but not limited to (1) offering applications and services in intelligent image processing to fulfill the real-time processing and performance demands, 2) providing real-time deep learning and machine learning solutions in order to accelerate the computational speed and increase the recognition rate at the edge of the network, (3) new frameworks to optimize real-time image processing for AIoT, and (4) combining the technology of intelligent real-time image processing with edge computing, fog computing, and relevant techniques to balance the computational workloads between the IoT device and the server side. This special issue aspires to present new real-time solutions for intelligent image processing within the context of IoT systems. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • New architectures and models for real-time intelligent image processing for IoT
  • Neural network, deep learning, or machine learning models for real-time image processing for IoT
  • Intelligent real-time image and video processing for IoT applications
  • Real-time image recognition in AIoT
  • Real-time image and video processing algorithms for IoT applications
  • Real-time embedded image/video processing for IoT applications
  • Real-time image and video processing applications in AIoT
  • Real-time hardware/software co-design for image and video processing in IoT
  • Real-time image processing for deep learning and machine learning in IoT
  • Real-Time image clustering and classification in IoT

Important Dates

Submission due date:     2nd January 2021
Review notifications:      30th April 2021
Review notifications of revisions: 30th June 2021
Final manuscripts due date:         30th August 2021

Submission Guidelines

Authors from academia and industry working on the above research topics are invited to submit original manuscripts that have not been published and are not currently under review by other journals or conferences. Previously published conference papers should be clearly identified by the authors at the submission stage and an explanation should be provided about how such papers have been extended.  At least 30% of new content is expected.
All the papers will be peer-reviewed according to the JRTIP reviewing procedure.

Special issues are reviewed on a “fast track” basis. Prior to sending full manuscript submissions, it is highly recommended to query the appropriateness of submission by sending a 100-200 words abstract to the guest editors whose contact information are provided above.

Paper submissions for the special issue should follow the submission format and guidelines of the journal ( Note that there is a page limit of 12 pages (double column format).

During the submission procedure in Editorial Manager (, authors should select ‘SI: Real-Time Intelligent Image Processing in Internet of Things‘ at the submission step ‘Additional Information‘.

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