Railway Traffic Management and Control

  in Special Issue   Posted on April 20, 2017

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Special Issue Call for Papers:

Railway traffic is an attractive mode of transport for relieving the traffic pressure in a high-capacity, safe, energy-saving, and reliable manner. The core of this transportation mode is typically to ensure that trains operate safely and economically. To meet this significant requirement, effective models and methods have to be developed for railway traffic management and control. Railway traffic management aims to provide efficient operating decisions as pre-trip traversing guidance at the planning or macroscopic level, such as timetabling, rolling stock and crew scheduling. With the given transportation plans, the train control problem focuses on providing the specific microscopic operations for trains to guarantee the safety of the railway traffic system, and moreover to follow the pre-specified plans. Advanced computer, communication and control technologies are increasingly used in railway traffic systems. The development of accurate models and solution techniques for railway traffic continues to present challenging issues. In particular, the large network-based operations and large passenger flow have created new problems and challenges to rail traffic management and control, such as developing efficient methodologies for large-scale optimization problems of rail traffic system, and the real-time and accuracy control of train operations. These changes in railway traffic management and control challenge academia to develop new supporting models and methodologies for analysis.

Scope of the Special Issue

This issue aims to cover all aspects of employing management, optimization, control and other related techniques to find effective solutions/policies in railway traffic. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Train scheduling, rolling stock and crew scheduling
Recovery models and algorithms for real-time railway rescheduling
Energy-efficient train control models and methods
Operations and management of railway networks
Railway traffic operations and safety management
Railway traffic sustainable management and system reliability
Operations and automatic train control of high-speed railways
Automatic train operation of urban railway traffic

Important dates:

• Submission deadline — 31st August 2017
• Deadline for Review process – 28th February 2018
• Expected Publication – April 2018

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