Pervasive Mobile-Based Games, AR/VR and Sensors

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Dear Colleagues,

Computer games have some advantages that make them more popular than traditional games. They intrinsically motivate players by bringing them more fantasy, challenge, and curiosity, which are the three main elements behind fun in games. However, computer games have often decreased physical activity and social interactions. In recent years, the real world has been coming back to computer entertainment, with a new gaming genre: Pervasive games. Pervasive games are no longer confined to the virtual domain but integrate physical and social aspects of the real world. Usually, the idea in Pervasive Games is that they overcome the limitations of traditional games in the spatial, temporal, or social dimensions.

Recently, mobile-based games, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality games (AR), and mixed reality have also begun to involve a diversity of sensors that provide and expand the 2D/3D immersion gaming experience in PC, including in smartphones, and wireless technologies have enabled interaction among players and other sensors to track localization and context awareness, for instance, through Bluetooth-based GPS receiver. Thus, this Special Issue’s main goal is to cover different aspects of sensors and videogames, gamification, and gaming experiences, related but not limited to the following topics:

Pervasive games;
Mixed reality games;
Sensors and gamification;
Mobile-based videogames;
Methodologies, techniques, and technologies for videogames;
Immersive player experiences;
Serious games;
Rehabilitation and videogames;
Player equipment (wearables and smartphones);
Game space visualization (2D/3D);
Localization and context awareness;
Interactions and communication technologies.

Dr. Carina Soledad González-González
Prof. Sylvester Arnab
Prof. Dr. Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela
Guest Editors

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