Object Detection and Identification in Any Medium

in Special Issue   Posted on December 31, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

This proposal is on object detection and identification in any medium. The goal is to detect objects of any material (ferrous, non-ferrous, polymeric, organic, biological, etc.) Objects may be moving or stationary, wholly immersed within any medium or at the interface between two media (e.g., on a surface). Detection resolution and signal to noise ratio are sufficient to classify and identify the object; identification will occur at near real-time. Power demand and size of detection and identification components meet mobile host platform constraints and availability. Detection and identification components may be active and/or passive and incorporate multimodal, distributed, and cross-domain approaches. It is desirable that detection and identification components are low-cost.

This Special Issue includes the following:

detection methods to analyze image or sound.
setting up the detection system.

Dr. Jonghoek Kim
Guest Editor

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