Monitoring of Security Properties in IoT and Emerging Technologies

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Dear Colleagues,

The recent advances in technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, edge computing, and fog computing are transforming the way in which large-scale computations are performed. This has introduced improvements in terms of scalability for clouds, and in terms of permanent connection and user-centric computation for IoT, edge, and pervasive computing. However, the incursion of these technologies entails the introduction of new challenges regarding security and privacy. Monitoring of security properties in each of these technologies implies tailoring solutions according to particular features of baseline technology.

The Issue will focus on high-quality research and state-of-the-art research paradigms on monitoring security properties in cloud, IoT, edge, and fog computing. It is open to high-quality research contributions from a wide range of authors including scholars, researchers, academicians, and industry. Original research papers and state-of-the-art reviews will be accepted. We anticipate that this Special Issue will open new roads for further research and technology improvements in this important area.

Subject Coverage

Suitable topics include but are not limited to the following:
Monitoring of security properties in clouds
Monitoring of security properties in IoT
Monitoring of security properties in edge computing
Monitoring of security properties in fog
Monitoring languages
Monitoring Infrastructures

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