Micro-Nanoelectronics Based Sensors for Facing the Challenges of Connected Society

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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Dear colleagues,

The microelectronics industry supplies numerous miniaturized and high-performance sensors for a variety of applications. The technologies developed have the advantage, due to their intrinsic electronic properties, of providing simple transducers with optimized properties in terms of performance, stability, and above all integration and ease of use. New electronic technologies such as components based on organic materials, components and circuits on flexible substrates or new materials in electronics generate innovations in the general field of electronics applied to various sectors. These new component technologies are also used to develop new innovative sensors. The aim of this special issue is to bring together innovations in technologies and structures of electronic components dedicated to sensor applications. It focuses more particularly on innovations in terms of transduction, directly related to these new technologies or to new architectures of electronic, microelectronic or nanometric scale components. This new generation of sensors, while including the advantages of conventional electronic sensors and their ease of packaging and transduction, allows new objectives to be achieved, either in terms of performance such as sensitivity, selectivity, and energy consumption, or in terms of an opening to other societal applications. These targeted applications may be oriented towards innovations in chemical, mechanical, biological detection that can be integrated into connected objects, robots, industry 4.0. They should contribute to meet the challenges related to health, environment and energy, as a first priority.

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