Internet of Things, Sensing and Cloud Computing

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Dear Colleagues,

At the beginning of the last decade, the Internet of Things and the Cloud Computer worlds were both rising. The first dealt with tiny low-power devices while the latter focused on elasticity, virtualization, and the pay-per-use model, promising the democratic distribution of computer power and storage. In recent years, the two technologies have become intimately related to each other, leveraging on a new paradigm that could be defined as the high-performance Internet of Things. This evolutionary thread has pushed sensor technologies and their related applications in a skyrocketing scenario with the massive rise of distributed low-cost sensor networks and the data crowdsourcing model. At the same time, the computation at the edge and the fog computing paradigms has enabled the design and development of a new class of cloud-native applications in which the IoT acts as a bridge between sensing technologies and cloud computing hosted applications.

This Special Issue looks for novel contributions related to the application of IoT and the sensing system to Cloud Computing powered infrastructures. The main topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

GPU, FPGA, and heterogeneous processing algorithms;
IoT microservice applications;
Urban informatics and cloud applications;
Novel protocols for fast, secure, reliable, and resilient data transfer;
Workflows and orchestration systems involving IoT, sensing, and cloud resources;
CPU, GPU, and FPGA offloading at the edge;
Cloud-native pattern recognition algorithms for sensors and IoT produced data;
Osmotic computing and other edge computing paradigms;
Security and reliability for IoT data;
Cloud computing data distribution and provisioning;
Artificial Intelligence for IoT and sensors in the cloud;
Computational intelligence and machine learning for IoT and cloud-based smart systems for sensor networks;
Federated learning;
Scheduling of IoT sensing hybrid/cloud applications;
IoT solutions for coastal and ocean monitoring;
Long-range systems for ocean vessel-to-cloud data transfer;
Sensors and IoT data mining on the cloud.

Dr. Raffaele Montella
Dr. José Luis González Compeán
Dr. Sokol Kosta

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