Intelligence and Autonomy for Underwater Robotic Vehicles

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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Autonomous underwater vehicles have a wide range of possible applications. These include inspection in confined spaces like pipelines, natural and artificial caves, the interior of complex artificial structures, as well as deep-sea or other extreme natural environments. In all such cases, the impossibility of using tethers and the lack of high-bandwidth and reliable wireless communications with human operators make autonomy and intelligence a key feature of the required systems. This includes the capability of understanding their surrounding, self-localization, and motion planning, as well as high-level task/mission planning and self-awareness.

In this Special Issue, the latest advances in autonomy and intelligence for AUVs are addressed, with a special emphasis on real-world applications and field demonstrations.

Autonomous underwater vehicles
Guidance, navigation, and control
Mission planning
Path planning
Underwater SLAM
Underwater perception and sensor fusion
Manipulation and grasping
Near and wide range underwater communication systems
Multi-robot systems
Bio-inspired underwater robots

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