Instrumentation in Interactive Robotic and Automation

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In the current industrial context, the high demand for small-batch customized products is leading to the development of flexible, responsive, and highly autonomous manufacturing systems.

These new requirements in industrial automation have to be met with new sensing technologies that bridge different machines and systems. Smart sensing allows the collaboration of networked systems (such as those in smart factories), promoting just-in-time production based on data-driven demand models, for a transparent and intelligent supply chain. The aim of this Special Issue is to explore new theory, technologies, and applications of smart sensing in robotics and automation, bringing useful knowledge to practitioners.

We invite high-quality, novel, innovative, and unpublished contributions on any topics focused on sensors using concepts in the fields of robotics, industrial automation, flexible manufacturing systems, cyber-physical (social) systems, process optimization, and diagnosis, including (but not limited to) the following:

Microelectronic smart and virtual sensors;
Sensor fusion;
Sensors for human–robot collaboration and interaction;
Advanced techniques for diagnostics; predictive maintenance; and self-organized, self-maintenance systems;
Haptics and teleoperation;
Cyber-physical social systems and human-in-the-loop flexible manufacturing systems;
Digital twins;
Multirobot systems;
Robot swarms;
Data-driven control, learning-based control, robust and predictive control;
Data-driven, demand-driven, and Lean Six Sigma;
Human safety using wearable smart devices;
Sensors for intelligent supply chain and process optimization;
Applications: welding, assembly, grasping, painting, etc.

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