Information Technology and Sustainability in Developing Countries

in Special Issue   Posted on December 3, 2020 

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Background and Motivation

The evolving use of information technologies in developing countries is believed to engender a plethora of favourable development externalities. These attendant rewards from information technologies include, inter alia: better health care access, female economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, enhanced financial access and inclusion, efficient management of households, poverty reduction and mitigation of income inequality (Tchamyou, Erreygers & Cassimon, 2019). However, the nexus between information technology and sustainability has not been substantially researched. The concept of sustainability underlying this Call for Papers is consistent with contemporary literature in the perspective that for sustained development to be sustainable it should be inclusive and for inclusive development to be sustainable, it must be sustained (Amavilah, Asongu & Andrés, 2017).

Objectives and Topics

The purpose of this special issue is to expand the growing literature on the nexus between information technology and sustainability in developing countries, which remains a fundamental priority for both development agencies and many governments in the post-2015 development agenda owing to, inter alia; growing concerns about exclusive development and environmental degradation (Tchamyou, 2019; Asongu & Odhiambo, 2020). Below is a list of potential topics, but topics covered in this special issue are not limited to the following:

1) ICT and sustainable development

2) Green information technology

3) Information technology and inclusive development

4) Recent advances in information technology for socio-economic development

5) Information technology, business incubation and pro-poor growth

6) Information technology and sustained economic growth.

7) The role of ICT in addressing Covid-19 challenges to SDGs.

Only original papers will be considered. They should be between 6000 and 9000 words (all inclusive), and will be blind reviewed following the journal’s standard peer review process.

Important Dates

Paper submission: 30th March 2021

First round of external reviews: 30th April 2021

Submission of revised papers: 30th of May 2021

Second round of external reviews: 30th June 2021

Final acceptance: 30th July 2021

Publication: October 2021

Papers will be published online once they have been accepted (i.e. before being allocated to a volume/ issue).

Submissions Guidelines

Papers should follow the standard guidelines of Telecommunications Policy and they will be selected competitively according to their intrinsic quality. All papers will be subject to a standard refereeing process.

Telecommunications Policy website for on-line submission:

Choose Special Issue “Information Technology and Sustainability” as Article Type in the drop down menu. Journal information can be found at: Authors’ guidelines are available at: . Only original submissions will be considered, not submitted in parallel elsewhere.

Guest Editors

Prof. Simplice Asongu (Managing Guest Editor, University of South Africa)

Prof. Nicholas M. Odhiambo (Guest Editor, University of South Africa)


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