Information and Resource Management Systems for Internet of Things: Energy Management, Communication Protocols and Future Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on December 28, 2016 

Information for the Special Issue

Special Issue Call for Papers:

The topics for this Special Section include:

Energy Management and Resource Sharing:

Energy management in IoT based Information Systems.
Renewable energy resources for Industrial information system under IoT.
Resource Sharing in IoT-cloud Information Systems.
Managing energy resources in Ambient living systems.
Smart Cites under IoT implementations.

Role of Communication Protocols in IoT:

Multimedia communication in IoT based Information Systems.
QoS in communication protocols under IoT operations for information Systems.
Mac layer issues under IoT-home applications.
Secure communication in D2D environments.

Future Applications of IoT:

IoT based Information Systems for Ambient living.
Cyber Physical System in IoT.
Role of Green IoT systems.
Fog computing in IoT.

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