Indigenous Theory

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 15, 2017

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Submission Deadline: Sun 31 Dec 2017
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There is no list of suitable topics for this special issue. However, it is critical that an
explicit Information Systems focus be central to the new theory. Further, we expect that
authors will both propose a new indigenous theoretical contribution and perform at least an
initial empirical validation of the theory. The more precisely the extent to which the scope
and boundary of the new theory can be delineated, the better.
Some examples of possible contributions include:
• Explain an IS phenomenon in a particular organizational/social context using
concepts and theories that are local to that context. E.g. Guanxi, Stiff Upper Lip,
Face, Frugality, Jugaad, Letsema, Waqf, etc.
• Explain an IS phenomenon in a particular organizational/social context using
high-level theoretical concepts and relationships that may not be local to the
empirical setting, but which the study particularizes to the local setting by
developing new concepts/constructs and relationships.
• Examine counter-intuitive relationships among concepts that go against
conventional theoretical wisdom, through concepts and relationships that are local
to the empirical setting
• Develop new theoretical constructs from local contextual concepts and explain
how they may usefully contribute to a better understanding of local phenomena
• Blend theoretical concepts from multiple different contexts into a single holistic
model in order to explain an IS phenomenon
• Critique current theories or theoretical models by explaining why they are
inappropriate for a local context and then improve the situation by introducingnew locally-appropriate theoretical constructs that ameliorate understanding of the
relevant IS phenomenon

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