Harnessing personal tracking data for personalization and sense-making

  in Special Issue   Posted on August 16, 2017

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In recent years, growing numbers of people are tracking a variety of personal
data via diverse tools, using devices ranging from desktops to smartphones, from ubiquitous
system devices to wearable devices. Examples include keeping records of social interactions,
emails, and social media status updates, physiological and emotional status, or activities such as
viewing television, use of time in general, driving habits, work productivity, monitoring
environmental conditions, and so on. This phenomenon of self-tracking has had a vanguard group
of early adopters, the so-called “Quantified Self” (QS) movement, an Internet community focusing
on self-quantification through technological aids. However, with the growing availability of personal
data trackers, this phenomenon is now spreading to a far wider audience than the QS community.
The number of tracking devices reached 51 million units in 2015 and various reports suggest that
they will reach 220 million units by 2020. This makes it timely to tackle the core challenges that
people face in making effective use of their personal tracking data.

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