Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Smart Sensing and IoT Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on December 31, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

Smart sensing has become increasingly important in modern society given the proliferation and ubiquity of embedded sensors in a huge range of devices ranging from smartphones and smart city infrastructure to consumer IoT devices and health monitoring systems. A key to enabling smart sensing is artificial intelligence, which enables the plethora of sensing data to be processed in a way that gives context and meaningful insights for aiding smart devices to make decisions and perform tasks. There are a number of challenges in developing and integrating artificial intelligence into smart sensing and IoT applications, ranging from memory footprint and computational complexity to privacy and robustness. This Special Issue covers topics related to embedded artificial intelligence for enabling smart sensing and IoT applications, covering such topics as: memory-efficient AI algorithms, computationally efficient AI algorithms, AI privacy, AI security, and embedded AI applications.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wong
Dr. Parthipan Siva
Prof. Dr. George Shaker
Prof. Dr. Jie Liang
Guest Editors

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