Efficient Planning and Mapping for Multi-Robot Systems

in Special Issue   Posted on December 31, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

Multirobot systems (MRS) have received attention in recent years because they have many advantages over single-robot systems, such as time-efficiency and cost reduction. MRS can not only can perform a given single task or multi-task in a given space faster than a single robot system, but they also can efficiently cope with failure situations. In particular, they are more efficient in operating multiple inexpensive robots than a single expensive robot in situations where robot malfunctions should be considered due to unknown factors in disaster environments. Even though multiple robots can complete not only a single task faster but also multiple tasks simultaneously, there are many challenging problems to be resolved to realize multirobot systems.

This Special Issue aims to provide broad coverage of recent advances in efficient planning and mapping for multirobot systems. Both theoretical and practical works, as well as review/survey papers in the area, are welcome. The topics of interest of this Special Issue include but are not limited to:

Frameworks and implementation for multirobot systems;
Algorithms and implementation for multirobot SLAM;
Algorithms and implementation for multirobot path planning and control;
Algorithms and implementation for multirobot exploration;
Distributed coordination with heterogeneous multirobot systems;
Practical sensor fusion systems for inter-robot recognition;
Efficient inter-robot collision avoidance;
Efficient inter-robot communication.

Prof. Dr. Heoncheol Lee
Dr. Shinkyu Park
Prof. Dr. Seunghwan Lee
Guest Editors

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