Dynamic Games and Social Networks

in Special Issue   Posted on June 3, 2020 

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Submission Deadline: Wed 30 Jun 2021
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Journal Name : Dynamic Games and Applications
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Special Issue Call for Papers:

Special Issue on Dynamic Games and Social Networks

Guest Editors:

Dynamic games offer a natural paradigm to study strategic interactions of decision-makers in a social network, which typically involves an articulated interaction structure. Depending on the phenomenon under consideration, the behavior resulting from the interactions and the shape of the network structure may or may not affect each other, possibly giving rise to articulated dynamics.

Understanding the evolution of behavior on social networks is of great interest to different fields of research, from economics and management science to computer science, network science, and more generally to the social sciences.

In 2022 Dynamic Games and Applications will publish a special issue on the subject, focused in particular on the following topics:

Impact of interaction structures on social norms; Network formation models for social phenomena; Co-evolution of behaviors and interaction structure.

The special issue welcomes submissions of theoretical contributions – also relying on computational methods – as well as empirical ones (both experimental and applied).

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2021                         

Expected Publication Date: June, 2022

Early submission is encouraged, and papers will appear online following acceptance in advance of the production of the full special issue.

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