Data Synthesis and Evaluation for Data-Oriented AI Systems. (VSI: DataAI2021)

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Submission Deadline: Fri 01 Oct 2021
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Journal Name : Journal of Systems Architecture
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State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, especially Deep Learning (DL) based systems, are highly dependent on the training/tuning data. Here AI systems includes all kind of practical systems using AI techniques, such as Cloud/Edge systems, IoT systems, CPS systems, etc. The invasive development and implementations of AI have thus incurred tremendous demands over the data market. Efficient and accurate synthesis of a given dataset is critical to AI systems. For example, data that of higher utilities with more representative features can help AI systems converge faster with higher performance over unseen data, thus reducing overall overhead. On the other hand, noise data, mislabelled data, and other outliers could result in a weaker performance and redundant computational overhead. Malicious data in a given dataset, e.g., poisoned data and backdoored data, can mislead the AI systems and result in poisoned models that behave maliciously with adversaries’ manipulations. It is of paramount importance to review and assess novel developments of data synthesis and evaluation for various AI systems in real life to promote higher efficiency and secure AI implementation in both industry and academia. Topics of interest include (but not limited to):

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General information for submitting papers to JSA can be found at Submissions should be made online at Please select the “VSI: DataAI2021” option as the type of the paper during the submission process. Please direct all enquiries regarding this SI to Meikang Qiu.

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Submission deadline: 1 Oct. 2021

All decisions finalized: 15 March 2021

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Prof. Meikang Qiu
Department of Computer Science
Texas A&M University Commerce, USA
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Han Qiu
Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace
Tsinghua University, China
Email: [email protected]

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