Data Security and Privacy in the IoT

in Special Issue   Posted on December 18, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

Amounts of personal data will increase significantly as we move towards the next generation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications networks. Systems will need to be designed to withstand the additional attack vectors and the increased threat surface that will follow from the introduction of billions of new sensors and devices to the IoT network, as well as from the increased use of machine learning (ML) in the network.

Introducing machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) techniques into the netwok will have a dual role: they can be both an asset and a threat, as attackers can also use these techniques to develop more dangerous attacks and use deep learning techniques to dig for personal information in the data.

This Special Issue will address novel techniques, methods, and algorithms for improving the data security and privacy in the IoT, paying special attention to the role that ML/AI techniques can play and how emerging attack vectors can be monitored and mitigated.

Thus, researchers and engineers from academia and industry are invited to submit their recent high-quality results and innovations. The list of topics includes but is not restricted to the following:

Security and privacy in heterogeneous IoT
Cross-domain trust management in IoT networks
Novel trustworthy architectures, protocols, or applications for data security in IoT sensor networks
Security threat modelling and vulnerability analysis in the IoT and sensor networks
Secure communications in IoT and sensor networks
Trust and identity management models for IoT and sensor networks
Intrusion detection and malware mitigation in IoT networks
Security testbeds and experimental results for IoT and sensor networks
Lightweight security protocols and architectures for the IoT and sensor networks
IoT security mechanisms targeting application layer protocols
Trust and identity management in sensor networks and the IoT
Orchestration and life cycle management for IoT security services
Secure authentication and Access control for IoT devices
AI and machine learning systems for IoT security
Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Mining and Aggregation in IoT applications
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT Security and Privacy
Privacy-preserving, machine-learning-based data analytics in IoT and sensor networks
Privacy-enhancing and anonymization techniques in IoT sensor networks
Privacy preservation in IoT and sensor networks
Privacy by design mechanism for IoT

Prof. Mika Ylianttila
Dr. Madhusanka Liyanage
Prof. Dr. Pardeep Kumar
Dr. Pawani Porambage
Guest Editors

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