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Submission Deadline: Thu 15 Apr 2021
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Journal Name : Microprocessors and Microsystems
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Connected mobility has been identified as a key future market. In addition to bringing tremendous economic value and considerably reducing threats to human lives, it is contributing to appropriate constructions and optimized utilization of transportation systems and their communication networks. To this end, microsystem technologies enabling the interconnection of vehicles and road infrastructures as well as facilitating the acquisition and sharing of related contextual data are attracting increasing attentions. However, these technologies are still in their infancy. Considerable research and development efforts are, therefore, needed, particularly to prevent attacks against vehicles and transportation infrastructures, enable the integration of emergent technologies, process increasing volumes of mobility data, and allow an effective implementation of the rapidly growing paradigm of self-driving cars. We argue that new and adequate approaches to data acquisition, storage, processing, and sharing are necessary to enable seamless integration and use of emerging technologies within the ecosystem of connected mobility.

In this special issue, we are addressing the following questions: (1) How could recent advances in miscro systems based data intelligence solve the current challenges of smart mobility? and (2) How could large volumes of structured and unstructured data science to stored, processed and manipulated in microsystems enabling smart mobilty?

We, therefore, invite researchers, experts, and practitioners from the academy and the industry to share and promote their breakthroughs, applications, and solutions addressing the advances and challenges of connected mobility from a data science perspective.

The topics of interest of this special issue are framed within the context of connected mobility from a data science perspective. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Data science approaches and applications in microsystems
  • Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks for connected mobility
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning for connected mobility
  • Data mining processes for connected mobility
  • Data representation for vehicular microsystems
  • Data analytics for Vehicle Environment Perceptions
  • Data science-based solution for road safety
  • Cognitive and Context-aware Intelligence using microsystems
  • Data intelligence for drone-based applications
  • Data-driven intelligence using microsystems for counter-COVID systems


We will be using the paper submission system by EasyChair or the publisher’s system to manage all our submissions. 

All manuscripts and any supplementary material should be submitted via the Elsevier online submission system of the MICPRO journal, available at When submitting the paper please select “VSI: DSASM ” as the article type.

IMPORTANT DATES (all deadlines are tentative)

Manuscript Submission: 15th April 2021

Decision Notification: 30th June 2021

Final Manuscript Submission: 15th August 2021

Tentative Publication Date: 15th November 2021


Ansar Yasar (Lead Guest Editor)
Transportation Research Institute (IMOB),
Hasselt University, Belgium
[email protected]

Stephane Galland
Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
[email protected]

Haroon Malik
Marshall University, USA
[email protected]

Fatma Outay
Zayed University, UAE
[email protected]

Wanli Chang
University of York, UK
[email protected]

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