Data Collection in Resource-Limited Networks (WSNs, IoT, Sensor Cloud)

in Special Issue   Posted on April 29, 2021 

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The significant miniaturization of sensors has led to the creation of substantial quantities of data in resource-limited networks. These data cannot be efficiently collected and processed in WSNs due to the limited resources of these networks.

Data collection and dissemination in a resource-limited network such as the IoT network, WSNs, and Sensor Cloud involves highly heterogeneous devices, a significant percentage of which are expected to be small, with very constrained processing, storage, and energy resources and with minimal network capabilities. This is highly challenging and draws significant attention from both industrial and academic communities.

The main goal of this Special Issue is to present a set of high-quality original research and review articles reporting the current state of the art of different data collection techniques in resource-limited networks. We are interested in submissions utilizing a variety of methodological perspectives, including but not limited to data collection techniques and models in WSNs, IoT, and Sensor Cloud.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

Data collection in WSNs, Sensor Cloud, and IoT
Energy-efficient data collection in Sensor Cloud
Delay-aware data collection in Sensor Cloud
Data reduction and compression for WSNs/IoT/Sensor Cloud
Data processing in WSNs/IoT/Sensor Cloud
Security issues in data collection
Framework for data collection and dissemination
Smart data storage and management techniques
Energy-efficient sensing techniques for data collection
Smart data routing and processing strategies