Cybertwin-driven 6G for Internet of Everything (IoE): Architectures, Challenges and Industrial Applications

in Special Issue   Posted on April 9, 2021 

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Journal Name : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
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The Mobile traffic data and resources in IoE in wireless networking has raised numerous problems in terms of Performance Monitoring in Edge connected devices. Next-generation networkings, such as 6G and Cybertwin, are implemented to address these problems. Sixth-generation (6G) communication would play a vital role in supporting complex wireless interconnectivity. In order to allow millions of connected devices and applications to operate smoothly at high data rates and low latency, a network of the 6G is anticipated. The only access point for the internet is Cybertwin, which serves as a contact hub and tracks all user requirements. In the edge-cloud cyberspace, Cybertwin is a digital database of smartphone activities, terminals, objects, etc. The integrated use of technology like Blockchain, 6G and Cybertwin is a multidisciplinary area for designing effective and efficient IoE systems. The purpose of this special issue is to examine the new technology, innovative architectures and future problems in depth in terms of Network Secured Infrastructure based on Cybertwin for 6G-enabled IoE.

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