Context-Aware Computing Based on Mobile Sensing

in Special Issue   Posted on February 12, 2021 

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Recent advancements in mobile and ubiquitous computing have enabled the development of novel, context-aware computing applications. Additionally, the fusion of inexpensive and widely available hardware with advances in artificial intelligence have made practical context-aware computing widely accessible, e.g., in the form of intelligent assistants, smart thermostats, and mobile app-embedded functionality. This Special Issue examines the state of the art in context-aware computing and also takes a look into the future, focusing on technologies and applications that are envisioned to advance the sector even further.

The potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Data sensing and data management for context-aware computing
Algorithms for data processing and inferring in context-aware computing
Theory, models, and algorithms for context-aware computing
Software engineering models, methods, and tools for context-aware computing
Context-aware mobile and ubiquitous computing
Context-aware IoT systems
Context-awareness in autonomous systems/robotics
Context-aware computing in smart cities
Edge-/fog-/cloud-based architectures for enabling context-aware computing
Context-aware adaptive systems
Context recognition and context prediction
Context fusion/alignment
Crowdsourcing platforms for context retrieval
Machine learning and artificial intelligence in context-aware computing
Indoor and outdoor positioning systems
Applications of context-aware computing
Novel sources and datasets of context data
Privacy and security concerns for context-aware computing
Socio-technical concerns, ethics, and responsible design in context-aware computing applications

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