Computer Vision Based Smart Sensing

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Sensing of visual information with video cameras has become an almost ubiquitous element of our environment. Internet connectivity and the massive use of the Internet of Things (IoT) has contributed to this in a very important way. The number of video cameras deployed with the capacity to capture information both in the visible range and outside the visible range (IR, UV, or other bands) has grown very significantly in recent years, with figures ranging from 50 to 150 surveillance cameras per 1000 inhabitants in the most important cities in Asia, Europe, and America. Moreover, this is only with regard to fixed surveillance cameras (on streets, roads, and buildings). If, in addition, mobile and wearable devices incorporating cameras are taken into account, the possibilities for capturing visual information are almost infinite.

To be able to process such a large volume of information, it is necessary to develop computer vision applications for the different areas in which they are usually applied: security, health, multimodal transport, accessibility for people with disabilities of any kind, cultural heritage preservation, etc. The capacity for smart sensing with cameras has grown significantly with the application of deep learning strategies to images and video sequences. These applications usually have a high computing cost, which is encouraging the emergence of smart processing strategies: on the edge near the point of capture, distributed in the cloud, etc. In order to make these applications robust, it is usually necessary to provide them with certain self-calibration capabilities, resilience, or even the ability to fuse visual information with other devices, such as radars or LiDAR.

This Special Issue aims to address the open research challenges and unsolved problems related to computer-vision-based smart sensing applications in different domains, making use of IoT-connected, camera-acquired information (inside the visible range or outside it) in an isolated way or by fusing them with other image-based devices, such as LiDAR or radar, in a monocular configuration or a multicamera one.

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