Computer-Aided and Game-Based Telerehabilitation and Telemonitoring Platforms

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Dear Colleagues,

Telerehabilitation has long been recognized as a necessary part of the neurorehab process. With the added pressure due to the COVID pandemic, there is more reason to develop cost-effective systems for safe neurorehab programs that can be done remotely (i.e., in-home or in rural communities) and, importantly, monitored by clinician specialists (telemonitoring). Regular clinical-support of home and rural programs with protocols that can be easily updated will help create better-targeted and personalized solutions for patients and achieve the desired training effect. In addition to increasing accessibility, there is a need to improve compliance of exercise regimes over the entire population, ranging from children to elderly patients. An emerging approach to engage patients in therapy is to incorporate computer games in which a range of learning elements with interactive motor and cognitive challenges help individuals to participate in motor activities and the practice of repetitive tasks.

The collection will highlight the range of technologies (sensors, digital media, intelligent agents) used and emerging best practices regarding their specifications, acceptability/usability, engagement and therapeutic effects.

Prof. Dr. Tony Szturm
Prof. Dr. Nariman Sepehri
Dr. Sanjay T. Parmar
Guest Editors

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