Computational Intelligence Powered Edge Computing for Internet of Things

in Special Issue   Posted on December 30, 2020 

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Dear Colleagues,

In the last two decades, the field of computational intelligence (CI) has become very popular in both science and industry. As one of the fastest growing subfields of artificial intelligence, a wide range of problem solving techniques have been proposed so far, inspired from nature. On the other hand, the fast growth along with the deployment of fixed and mobile devices/machines that are connected to Internet has formulated the recently emerged concept of Internet of Things (IoT). Such interconnected billions of things that continuously produce data at high volumes and velocity have been pushing towards a new paradigm called edge computing. Edge computing has been widely known as a clever way out to fulfill the requirements of low latency, high scalability, High security and energy efficiency, in addition to producing less network traffic load. Nevertheless, with the development of various IoT applications (e.g., smart home, smart city, industrial automation, connected vehicles), it tends to be challenging for edge computing to deal with such heterogeneity in IoT environments. Therefore, CI along with its algorithms and application has provided a wide spectrum of promising solutions to empower edge computing for IoT. Such CI techniques are divided into three classes of artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, and fuzzy logic.

The scope of the special issue includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

Neural Networks and its applications for Edge CI
Resource Management for Edge CI
Big Data Analytics for Edge CI
5G-enabled services for Edge CI
Security and Privacy Issues for IoT based CI
Deep learning for IoT Edge CI
Self-learning systems for IoT Edge CI
Supervised and unsupervised learning methods powered Edge computing in Internet of Connected Vehicles
Evolutionary Algorithm for IoT Edge CI
Meta-heuristics Algorithms for IoT Edge CI
Swarm Intelligence for IoT Edge CI
Hybrid intelligent systems for IoT Edge CI
Fuzzy logic for IoT Edge CI
Neuro-fuzzy systems for IoT Edge CI

Dr. Ali Safaa Sadiq
Dr. Khaled Rabie
Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mirjalili
Dr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor
Dr. Shahrzad Saremi
Guest Editors

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