Camera as a Smart-Sensor (CaaSS)

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Dear Colleagues,

Digital camera technology has evolved over the past 3 decades to provide image and video quality of incredible quality, while, thanks to the mass market adoption of digital imaging technologies, the costs of image sensors and the associated optical systems and image signal processors continue to decrease. In parallel, advances in computational imaging and deep learning technologies have led to a new generation of advanced computer vision algorithms. New edge-AI technologies will enable these sophisticated algorithms to be integrated directly with the sensing and optical systems to enable a new generation of smart-vision sensors. An important aspect of such new sensors is that they can meet emerging needs to manage and curate data-privacy and can also help to reduce the energy requirements by eliminating the need to send large amounts of raw image and video data to data-centers for postprocessing and cloud-based storage.

This Special Issue welcomes new research contributions and applied research on new synergies across these fields that enable a new generation of ‘Camera as a Smart Sensor’ technologies. Review articles that are well-aligned with this Special Issue theme will also be considered.

Suitable topics can include:

Novel combinations of commodity camera or image sensor technologies with edge-AI or embedded computational imaging algorithms;
Novel uses of camera or image sensors for new sensing applications;
Advanced deep learning techniques to enable new sensing with commodity camera or sensors;
New nonvisible sensing technologies that leverage advanced computational or edge-AI algorithms;
Optical design aspects of CaaSS;
Electronic design aspects of CaaSS, including new ISP hardware architectures;
CaaSS research targeted at privacy management or optimization of energy’
Large-scale deployments or novel products or commercial systems that leverage CaaSS in new use-cases or industry applications (e.g., smart city deployments, checkout-free shops, quality assurance and inspection lines, domestic service robotics).

Prof. Dr. Peter Corcoran
Prof. Dr. Saraju P. Mohanty
Guest Editors

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