High Fidelity LPV Systems under Constraints

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Special Issue Call for Papers:

Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) systems have received significant attention from the control community in the last decades. The main advantage of these systems is their ability to provide a good representation of the dynamics while keeping simple its mathematical representation. As a consequence, many practical applications with high-performance requirements, such as vehicles, aerospace systems, and chemical processes dynamics, are benefited by such an approach. Furthermore, the LPV formulation allows designing gain-scheduling controllers and filters as well as providing stability and robust performance certificates.

Because we cannot escape from constraints in practical systems, the LPV approach can be a suitable choice to address more realistic scenarios by considering the unavoidable presence of constraints in sensors, control signals, outputs, and systems’ state and parameters, which may restrict the allowed operational region reflecting, for instance, physical constraints and operational security. Also, LPV systems subject to sample data control or network control may include constraints due to the sample-time period employed, leading to new theoretical and practical challenges to ensure stability and performance to the closed-loop LPV system. Furthermore, switching or switched systems may arise as particular cases of LPV systems where, besides the mentioned constraints, they may be affected by imprecise knowledge on the active mode. In all cases, the main issue concerns addressing constraints in the design stage, ensuring the designed controllers to achieve closed-loop stability and the desired performance. Similarly, filtering design is directly affected in the case of constraints of the signals.

The main goal of this special issue is to highlight the exciting potential of the LPV framework as a solution for constrained systems aiming at reducing the gap between theory and applications. The focus is on methodologies capable of quantifying and mitigating the adverse effects of constraints in LPV systems. We invite works handling constraints in controller design, as well as in filtering and estimation, possibly including experimental tests.

Contributions should consider, but are not limited to, the following topics, on high fidelity LPV systems under constraints:

  1. Gain scheduling control and filter design for systems under input, state, and output constraints.
  2. Switched or switching LPV control systems under constraints and imprecise active mode.
  3. Inexactly scheduling and bounded parameters’ variation, time-delay, hysteresis, and varying sampling-period.
  4. Filter design and estimation under constraint signals for LPV systems.
  5. Estimation of the region of attraction for LPV systems under the presence of constraints.
  6. LPV systems driven by constrained rational polynomial controllers.
  7. Sampled data LPV systems under constraints.
  8. Networked LPV systems subject to packet loss, network delay, and bandwidth limitation.
  9. Applications of constrained LPV based models in experimental tests on industrial plants or pilot processes.

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Dr. Masayuki Sato ; Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; [email protected]

Dr. Valter J. S. Leite; Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais [email protected]

Dr.Fen Wu; North Carolina State University [email protected]

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