Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Empowered 5G and Beyond Networks

  in Special Issue   Posted on November 30, 2020

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5th Generation and beyond (5G&B) wireless networks are expected to address unprecedented
challenges to cope with a high degree of heterogeneity in terms of: services (mobile broadband,
massive machine and mission critical communications, broad-/multicast services and vehicular
communications); device classes (low-end sensors to high-end tablets); deployment types (macro and
small cells); environments (low-density to ultra-dense urban); mobility levels (static to high-speed
transport). Due to time-variant wireless channels, the diverse and stringent requirements of various
emerging applications and unknown traffic systems, designing high-performance algorithms to make
full use of the 5G&B technologies is quite a challenge that essentially demands novel approaches.
Blockchain and AI are promising techniques for next-generation wireless networks. Blockchain can
establish a secure and decentralized resource-sharing environment. AI can be explored to solve
problems with uncertain, time-variant, and complex features. Both of these techniques have recently
been a surge in interest. The integration of these two techniques can further enhance the performance
of wireless networks.
The integration of blockchain and AI into next-generation wireless networks will enable secure
network orchestration, flexible networking, and intelligent resource management. Original research
contributions, tutorials and review papers are sought in areas including (but not limited to):
● Blockchain and AI based secure and intelligent architecture for 5G&B Networks.
● Blockchain and AI enabled IoT networks.
● Blockchain and AI enabled efficient spectrum sharing in 5G&B Networks
● The role of machine learning and blockchain for wireless security
● Blockchain and AI enabled data offloading and resource allocation in 5g&B networks.
● Blockchain and AI enabled content caching in 5g&B networks.
● Blockchain and AI enabled cyber security.
● Blockchain and AI enabled incentive design mechanism.
● Blockchain and AI enabled crowdsensing in 5G&B networks.
● Blockchain and AI enabled green 5G&B networks

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